Keep Calm and Chassé On

A love letter to all of you.

It has been a challenge dealing with the threat and uncertainty of Coronavirus in Asia for the last 2 months. And now as CoVid-19 spreads to the rest of the world, I worry as well about friends and family overseas, and all of you. I also worry about the impact it will have on this small dancewear brand that is C&V. 

My first thoughts were - how can I support the people and industry I care about? What can C&V do?

I’ve spent the last few days ruminating on it - literally to the point that I forgot I had a stir fry cooking on the stove and burnt it all.  [cries in ruined mushrooms].

I felt very overwhelmed: I want to be here for you all, but I also felt at a loss as to how to be there for myself and C&V.

We have new dance tees coming tomorrow. Part of me felt like it seemed artificial to carry on as normal and talk about tee shirts during a global health crisis.

But then I read messages from some of you telling me how excited you were when receiving your C&V, or how it made you feel better when you’re in quarantine.

I started C&V at a time when I was in a very dark place, and it became a way of making myself feel good, by creating things that helped people (thanks to our ethical manufacturing commitment) and dancers of different levels, sizes and ages feel good (thanks to the universal struggle that is ballet).

That’s why C&V needs to keep carrying on.

Because I want to keep making things to make you feel supported, included, encouraged - things that make you feel GOOD! Whether it’s a fun tee shirt, a comfy leotard, a cheeky meme or a mental health post. 

I will keep posting about our dancewear and making fun ballet content. I want C&V be a positive space that will hopefully give your minds a break from being inundated with Coronavirus information - I’ve been living with this for 2 months and believe me, it gets exhausting!

But I won’t be pretending C&V is  in a bubble. There are things I will be doing to support you - 

  • On Mondays and Fridays, look out for #goodpuppyjuju our IG stories!
  • At the end of the week, I’ll post a round up of live instagram classes that will be streaming in the next 7 days on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • If you’re on our e-mail list, we’ll send you info about Facebook, Youtube and Instagram live classes, and I might include a cute puppy picture as well. Or maybe a picture of Roberto’s abs. I’ll surprise you. :) 
  • I’m also talking to dancers about putting together some ballet workouts, and other fun and useful content we hope to bring you!

Thanks for supporting this small business - and thank you especially if you buy some C&V during a time when small businesses need your support more than ever.

I will be here, carrying on, spreading #goodballetjuju and supporting you too. 

I can’t wait for you to see the new tees, and I hope you’ll love them as much as I do!

Wash your hands. 🙌 Eat pizza. 🍕 Be kind. 💖

Bosslady, Cloud & Victory

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