Min, with Miko Fogarty

Cloud & Victory was founded by Min, a very short person from Singapore, a very tiny country.

Min's initial attempts to take up ballet had been vetoed by her mother when she was a young girl. As a not-so-young girl she walked into a ballet class one day, after taking time off her university studies to recover from severe clinical depression and an eating disorder.

In between battements at the barre she learnt about self-acceptance and the importance of nourishing herself - and grew increasingly passionate about ballet.

When she was well enough to resume her university studies, she spent her free time designing ballet-inspired tops for herself as a way to cope with the stress of academia. Other people liked the tops she made and wanted to buy them.

After graduating with an LLB (Law)/BA (Political Science) double degree from the University of Melbourne, she decided to pursue her love for ballet and founded Cloud & Victory in 2013.

Cloud & Victory is named after Min's parents, and she endeavours for C&V to conduct itself with the values they instilled in her - positivity, integrity and kindness.

Since its inception, C&V clothing has won over many ballet fans and dancers alike. C&V clothing has been seen on many luminaries of the ballet world from the Mariinsky to the Met, been featured in Dance magazine, Pointe magazine, the Huffington Post and been considered for Teen Vogue features. C&V has also enjoyed collaborating with some of ballet's brightest young stars, including Miko Fogarty, Keenan Kampa and Joy Womack, for its seasonal campaigns.

Min counts herself lucky that none of them have commented on her dire turnout, which she's continually working to improve (the struggle is real).