Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐!

Mandarin oranges (橘柑) are kind of a big deal to us Chinese during Chinese New Year. 🍊 Because the Cantonese pronunciation of mandarin (gām) sounds like 'gold' ✨, everybody and their mother gives their elders a pair of mandarins during Chinese New Year. 

Organic cotton Blood, Sweat and Pirouettes tee in pink/gold

When my dad was at the peak of his career managing several factories across the region, we'd receive boxes and boxes of mandarins from suppliers and clients. 

So it was pretty neat when I received a box of mandarins this week addressed to C&V. 🍃 I called my dad to tell him, "C&V received it's first box of CNY oranges!" "Nice job!" He said.

Great Wave Ballet Leotard

In the sea of corporate gift-giving, a small box of mandarin oranges is intended for tiny minnows, but as my dad said, laughing encouragingly, "it's something! It's a start!" 


Organic Cotton Just Deux It Tee

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