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Hi! So pre-pandemic, delivery to the US used to be a reliable 10 - 12 working days via standard international mail.

However, with increased online shopping and USPS facing funding problems and being short staffed, we've found that shipping this year has ranged from 1.5 - 3.5 weeks.

As such, we encourage our US customers to do their holiday shopping early if you are choosing standard international shipping.

We also offer shipping via DHL Express - it is our pricier shipping option, but you'll have speedy, time-definite delivery. We send DHL orders on the same or next working day and they're delivered within 3 - 4 days.

Here's some information behind the delays and some solutions we've come up with!

Why The Delay

On the Singapore side, your packages are processed by our mail service provider put on a plane to the US within 1 - 2 days of them being collected from the C&V office.

When you get your tracking number, 'dispatched to destination country' means precisely that - your order has been put on a plane to the US!

However, international parcels are now taking some time to be processed and released by US border security and USPS These delays may get longer due to increased shipping volume and increased customs security/package inspections during holiday season.

Once it is processed, your tracking status on USPS will change from 'Origin Post is Preparing Shipment' to the location of your parcel in America, and will be fully trackable from 

If your parcel has been flagged for a random customs inspection, please be prepared for a long delay before your parcel shows up in the USPS system as USPS and US customs are overwhelmed and understaffed this holiday season. 





We continue offer standard international shipping with USPS as our American courier because it is the most economical option for you that also allows you to track your parcel every step of the way for your own peace of mind. But please note that choosing this options means we are unable to guarantee a date of delivery.

Here are some ideas we have to mitigate these delays!

Shipping by DHL Express! This shipping option is pricier, but gets your parcel to you in 3 - 4 working days, with time definite delivery. 

Ordering early! If you prefer to use standard international shipping, we advise placing your order sooner rather than later!

Digital Gift Cards! Give the gift of choice! Our e-gift cards will be sent to your inbox instantly for you to print out or forward onto your loved one. Get yours here.

If It Doesn't Get Here By Christmas/Hannukah! Look, it happens - we've all been there! If so, we've found that printing out a picture from our website, putting it in a fancy envelope or wrapping it in a box works a treat.

The recipient gets the double excitement of opening a present on Christmas, and a second dose of excitement when their present actually arrives!


It's always such a nice thing for us to see people gift C&V to their loved ones for holidays and special occasions.

We're working really hard to bring all the Good Ballet Juju to you this end of year - frankly we all deserve an extra dose of it after a hard 2 years of Plague!

We're a small business and we appreciate each and every person who supports us and likes what we do - we like you too! We wish we could magic your parcels instantly to your houses, but there are some things that are beyond our control.

So thank you so much in advance for your understanding and your support this holiday season - we're doing our best to support you too, I promise.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at

- Min


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