OMG why is everything sold out? You might be wondering.

Hi friends! No, C&V is not closed, worry ye not. But the fact of the matter is that I've been running this business non-stop for 10 years, and running an ethical dancewear business during CoVid was exceptionally tough.

It really took a toll on my mental health, and consequently my physical health. I'll be fine, don't worry! But I also need to step back from this business and take a break to rest, recover, and go for a lot of therapy to deal with the trauma and my ultra perfectionism.

What does this mean for C&V? Like I said, we're not closed!

I won't be running this business full-time until I am healed and ready. But from time to time, when my health permits, I will do product pre-orders and drops. 

You can sign up to the newsletter to be the first to find out about product drops, and/or follow us on instagram where I'll also post product drop info, share fun memes and other ballet content!

Thank you for your patience and support my friends. I've heard so many stories of how C&V dancewear has brought you joy and confidence over the years, and I hope to be able to keep bringing you that good ballet juju.

I just need some space to create some good ballet juju for myself first.

Bosslady, C&V dancewear

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