Confession: I didn't set out to create an ethical dancewear brand when I started C&V. I just wanted to make ballet clothing that was fun and real, and well-made. It was the last factor - the search for sources for well-made, high-quality clothing that led me down the path of ethical manufacturing.

During my research of premium garment manufacturing sources and suppliers, the Dhaka factory collapse happened, and suddenly all these articles started appearing as I trawled the web.

I read about the factory collapse due to unsafe working conditions, which took the lives of more than 1000 people. I learnt about the lack of regulations in the garment manufacturing industry, the low wages, the exploitation of children, the suicides of farmers producing traditionally-grown cotton, about the disruption of our ecosystem due to production of clothing and chemicals released into the atmosphere.

I started Cloud & Victory because I wanted a job that would allow me to adhere to my principles. I knew I wanted to avoid being part of the cycle of destruction. I also realised that clothing made ethically and sustainably was of higher quality and safer for people to wear - for instance, non-GMO organic cotton tees feel smoother, softer, finer and last longer, and are free of the harsh chemicals and pesticides traditionally used to grow cotton crops.

That's why C&V strongly believes in being a socially responsible business that acts with compassion, social-mindedness and kindness.



We organise ballet charity fundraisers from time to time to raise money for our regular charity, the Littlebells Promiseland orphanage in Nepal, and other charities committed to ending slavery and child abuse. 


Our shirts and tops are manufactured in developing countries by factories committed to UN fair labour standards, including:

  • paying their workers fair wages
  • providing safe working conditions
  • not using child labour
  • ensuring equality of workers under law, regardless of race, religion, sexuality or caste
  • providing avenues for workers to discuss any grievances with their employers
  • having regular audits to ensure compliance with these standards

We do whatever we can to ensure that the people involved in producing our clothing, from the cotton farmers to seamstresses, are fairly-paid and treated with the dignity and respect as is deserving to all individuals.

We work with local small business to support the work of local craftspeople, and to contribute to the local economy. We work with regional manufacturers to reduce our carbon footprint.

We enjoy using natural fibers in our clothing for environmental as well as comfort reasons. Most of our clothing has a 90% carbon-reduced footprint.

Our tees are PETA-certified, and animal friendly!

We work with manufacturers who have committed to the ethical and quality guidelines set by the following associations:

-Min, owner of Cloud & Victory