The Turnout Error 404 Manshirt

$50 USD

Color: Black

Turnout? What is this turnout you speak of? Does not compute. Every ballet dancer knows the struggle, whether it's trying to rotate those hips during tendus, when you look at your feet in the mirror during that allegro combination, or worse still, when your teacher gives you that look when they see your fifth position. It's okay, just slip on this tee and wear it to the studio. Because hey, I'm trying, there's just a system operating error when I'm trying to execute my turnout.

Also available in ladies' style!

Why We Love It

  • Made from 100% organic, sustainably-grown cotton. 
  • Supersoft, breathable and comfy (it's basically the tee-shirt equivalent of a fluffy puppy)
  • Flattering slim fit
  • Ethically-made using UN labour-certified, eco-friendly production methods. 
  • Designed with love and pizza.

Fits true to size. For item measurements, refer to our size guide.

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